DYNAMIXEL Pro is an integrated actuator composedof a gear reduction system, controller,
driver, and network for constructing modular robots.

– A detachable cycloidal gear reduction box.

– Position, speed, and current control using an algorithm.

– Torque control using current sensor.

– PID control is used to sense position.

Resolution:  Max 502,000 (steps/1 full rotation)



Components Quantity
DYNAMIXEL Pro H54-200-S500-R 1
Cable 4P Cable 600MM 2
2P External Power Connector 600MM 1
Bolt Wrench Bolt (WB M3*8) 20


Model Number H54-200-S500-R
Weight 855g
Size 54x54x126(mm)
Rated voltage 24 V
No load speed 33.1 RPM
No load current 1.65 A
Continuous operation Speed 27.9 RPM
Torque 44.2 Nm
Current 9.3 A
Resolution 501,900 Step/turn
Gear ratio 502
Backlash 3.5 arcmin
Interface RS-485
Operating temperature 5~55℃

Default Settings

– ID: 1

– Baud Rate: 1 (57600bps)

(Please make necessary modifications, suchas the ID, baud rate, etc…, after the purchase.)
Compatible Products

– Interface: USB2Dynamixel (RS-485)
– Frames: FRP54-H210K, FRP54-H220K, FRP54-A110K, FRP54-I110K

– H54-200-S500-R supports RS-485 communication.
H54-200-S500-R has a Straight type reduction gear system.
– Caution: The operational voltage is different from other DYNAMIXEL series.
(Operational voltage: 24V)

Control Environment

   DXL SDK 2.0 for Windows

   DXL SDK 2.0 for Linux

Download dimensions

Link to e-Manual 

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